Top 10 Benefits of Having Whiter Teeth

Top 10 Benefits of Having Whiter Teeth

Jan 17, 2020

96% of Americans believe that a whiter smile helps you look more attractive.

Modern Teeth Whitening Procedures Can Makeover Your Smile

Dr. David A. Staples in Barrie, ON offers top-notch, safe, and effective teeth whitening services near you. We can help you achieve exceptional results without the stress and bother of fussing with over-the-counter products. You’ll be amazed at the transformation in your smile and appearance.

There are plenty of DIY products that help you whiten your teeth at home. But opting to get the procedure done at a clinic keeps the process safe and minimizes the likelihood of unpleasant side-effects.

10 Ways Whiter Teeth Can Benefit You

Our dentist in Barrie, ON suggests that having whiter teeth help you in several ways:

  • Improved appearance: It’s no fun sporting a smile that is spoiled by stained teeth. Teeth whitening can help eliminate even stubborn stains.
  • Boost your self-confidence: Getting ready for an interview? Going out to a party? Flashing those pearly whites can help boost your energy and enthusiasm.
  • Look younger and more radiant: Discolored teeth are often a natural side-effect of aging. Whiter teeth help us appear younger and more attractive.
  • Eliminate the effects of smoking: Yellow, nicotine-stained teeth are often the effect of smoking. Whiter teeth help makeover your smile and remove visual discolorations.
  • Lack of self-consciousness: When you’re attending an official meeting or client presentation, you can focus on your task instead of worrying about your teeth.
  • Make a positive first impression: There’s nothing like a winning smile to make a lasting first impression!
  • Make new friends: Flash a friendly smile and make interesting new friends.
  • Enjoy a romantic date: Enjoy going out on a romantic dinner date with your bright, new smile.
  • Increase career success: 74% of employees believe that a winning smile can improve career prospects.
  • Look and feel attractive: Whiter teeth reflect good oral health and show that you take an interest in your appearance.

Dr. David A. Staples in Barrie, ON offers safe, affordable, and effective teeth whitening services near you.

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