Exams and Cleanings

Exams and Cleanings in Barrie, ON

What’s Involved

When you schedule an exam with Dr. David A. Staples, there are some things you should be aware of before your visit that you can expect to happen. You can expect:

  • An examination of your teeth, gums, and mouth
  • You will be asked questions about your general health and any relevant problems
  • You may be screened for abnormalities in your neck or mouth
  • Dental x-rays may be performed
  • An oral cancer screening of the soft tissues in your oral cavity will be performed

During a cleaning, our hygienist will:

  • Demonstrate proper cleaning techniques for your teeth and gums
  • Assess any need for additional fluoride or cleaning techniques
  • Remove stains or deposits that have formed on your teeth

Scheduling an Exam or Cleaning

Whether you need a new dentist or simply want to schedule your recare please feel free to contact us at Dr. David A. Staples. Our Barrie family dentistry always welcome new patients to our practice. Count on us to provide all of your dental health needs with a smile. We are currently accepting new patients!

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