Compelling Reasons Why You Should Visit Your Emergency Dentist

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Visit Your Emergency Dentist

Aug 01, 2020

Dental emergencies are unpredictable, and they occur when you least expect them. Mouth trauma and accidental injuries may lead to bleeding of tissues. It will help if you visit an emergency dentist near you for urgent treatment.

Seeking immediate treatment ensures that you save your knocked-out teeth and preserve your oral tissues from further damage. Untreated emergencies can result in additional complications, recurring pain, and bleeding.

What’s a Dental Emergency?

Emergency dentistry involves the treatment of oral issues that require immediate attention. The problems are unprecedented and range from excessive bleeding, severe pain knocked out teeth, and dental infections. If the conditions remain untreated, they could become life-threatening.

It’s vital to visit the emergency dentist near you if you have symptoms that indicate you have a critical dental condition for immediate treatment. Tooth pains, facial inflammation, and irritation on your gums show that you have a dental issue.

Various Dental Emergencies

Here are common dental emergencies that we address at our dentistry:

    1. Knocked-Out Teeth

Your emergency dentist can help you to save a knocked-out tooth if you address the issue immediately. The reinsertion of the tooth back to its socket occurs if the tooth roots are not damaged.

You can rinse your mouth with salty water, and place the tooth gently back to its socket, as you seek further treatment. Ensure you keep the tooth moist by applying milk.

    1. Chipped or Fractured Teeth

Mouth trauma may damage your teeth, and the affected teeth become painful. Severe damages may require an extraction procedure. You can use a cold pack to prevent facial swelling on the impacted teeth or pain relievers to alleviate pain.

    1. Tooth Pains

Toothaches indicate you have underlying dental issues. They can result in injuries or severe cavities or infections that affect your interior tooth tissues. You can use recommended pain relievers to suppress pain, as you seek further treatment.

    1. Abscessed Teeth

It’s an infection that leading to the formation of pus in your pulp cavity. The condition causes sensitivity and severe tooth pains, and you can use salty water to rinse your mouth. You require urgent treatment since the infection is life-threatening.

A dental abscess can spread into your jaw bone and other adjacent tissues, leading to bone loss. If your jaw bone is weakened, your teeth become loose, leading to further complications.

    1. Lacerations on Your Mouth

Injuries on your tongue, lips, or mouth may lead to excessive bleeding, and you need immediate treatment. You can rinse your mouth with water or use gauze to stop bleeding, as you seek medical attention.

How You Can Avoid Dental Emergencies

An ideal way to avoid potential dental emergencies is by staying proactive in preserving good oral hygiene. Ensure you make routine visits to your dentist in Barrie, ON, for regular exams and cleaning. During your regular appointments, the dentist near you will check on any signs of infections, periodontal diseases, decay, or loose dental fillings.

Your hygienist will schedule a treatment plan for the underlying issues. It would be best to address emergency issues to your dentist, to save your teeth and other tissues before they are severely affected. To avoid dental emergencies, our dentist in Barrie recommends you to:

  • Floss and brush your teeth daily
  • Undergo fluoride treatment, and use fluoride-based toothpaste
  • Protect your mouth with a protective appliance during sports and rigorous activities that may hurt your mouth tissues
  • Undertake regular check-ups to identify and treat issues at early stages
  • Use recommended mouth wash to rinse your mouth.

How We Handle Emergency Dental Care in Barrie, ON

Once you visit us at Dr. David A. Staples, We provide you with exceptional emergency dentistry services. We utilize advanced techniques to address your issues urgently and ensure your mouth tissues are preserved.

Our dentists in Barrie recommend you to undergo diagnostic tests regularly, to identify any signs of infections, decay, oral cancer, or periodontal diseases in advance. Early detection of issues enables our team to treat you immediately before the problem becomes severe.

Please schedule a visit with us if you have mouth trauma, loose fillings, toothaches, or inflammation of your oral tissues. We are family-based dentistry, and we’ll address all issues for you and your children. Please visit us today!

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